Friday, November 21, 2008


As a follow-up to Steven's 'Changes' post, I feel it a personal duty to inform the masses of further blog-related developments. In an effort to strive for a level of professionalism, or at the very least consistency, we here at Raptured Reality have decided to impart a sort of schedule to aid us in keeping the content flowing. Steven will be posting on Mondays and Thursdays, whereas I shall be taking Tuesdays and Fridays, leaving Wednesday as a day for thought-bubbles and planning-paper, and the weekend as a sort of editorial free-for-all.

As well as this, weekly features will no doubt ground us in some level of responsibility, guilt-tripping us into contributing at least every seven days, should the schedule plan fall through. I remain fairly confident it won't though, but when has being overly cynical ever annoyed anyone?

Also under the banner heading 'future content', look forward to next week's postings including an original story penned by yours truly, combatting the very idea of time and a meta-existance therein, as well as the first in a feature series investigating The Four Arts of Gaming, detailing the core templates of gamers around the world.

Quite possibly, if we're lucky, developments may include the very next post by me not being anywhere near as pretentious as this one has become. The story will be about time and meta stuff though, I promise, just might be somewhat undercut by other, more base ideas. Even Shakespeare was smutty at times.

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