Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Remember those Tidbits posts where I mentioned that I was planning on changing a few things around to hopefully make Raptured Reality more appealing?

Well, as you can no doubt already see those changes are now in effect. Blue is my favourite colour so the colour change works for me and hopefully it does for you, the readers, too. Font colours changed to tie in with the new template, as well as a few other subtle things like sections for what Chris/GTPod and myself are playing. We even started using our real names, which is kinda scary (for me at least) but hopefully it means a more personal connection than what we'd have hiding behind our online usernames.

Hopefully these small changes make the blog better to look at visually. Thanks go to my partner in crime Chris/GTPod for doing most of the changes since he is definitely more aware of how that side of things works than I am.

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