Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What I'm Playing

Yes I realise I haven't been updating this blog lately and as such, I also haven't been keeping up to date with what I have been playing. I apologise for that (not that anyone reads it but anyway) but I have been reasonably busy. That and I didn't have access to my computer or the internet for a couple of days. I aim to get back into the swing of things shortly though so patience is your virtue, or something. Moving right along...

Forza 2:

Yes I'm still playing this and still doing what I was a couple of weeks ago; Setting time trial times and playing it online to build up my Online Credits. I'm very close to the latter which means I will have this game 1000d soon but even once I obtain my last achievement I will still be playing this game for a while. Online racing is awesome fun (especially with friends) and I don't see myself stopping that anytime soon. Plus doing the Time Trial times is giving me a little bit of a challenge which is always nice. I have gotten most of my times into the top 200 now and I'll be doing the rest in the coming days.

I'm also seeing how I fare in the Hot Lap Tournament/s that Turn10 are running. Last week's one on Sebring was the first one I tried and much to my surprise/amusement, I managed to place 48th in it. Not bad for my first attempt at the Hot Lap challenge. This week's one is on Road Atlanta using a R1 car. I seem to perform better with the racing cars so I'm hoping to break the top 50 again. We'll see what happens.

Rainbow Six: Vegas:

Yes, still playing this as well. I finished it (on Normal) last week so now I'm gonna do some Terrorist Hunt missions and see if I can get some more achievements. I'm not sure whether I will go through the Campaign again on Realistic though. Normal was hard enough...

New Super Mario Bros:

I'm actually playing a DS game again! Excuse the excitement there but I haven't really played my DS ever since finishing the 5 games that I bought alongside the DS a couple of years ago. So yeah, it's nice to be playing a DS game again. Anyway so far it's been fun. I have only made it to the third World so I'm not too far in, but it's been a nice change from all the 360 gaming I have been doing that's for sure. Plus it's been ages since I last played a (2-D) Mario game.


Anyway as you can probably tell from only 3 games being listed, I haven't exactly been playing much lately. There's a few reasons for that. Obviously I have been busy as I said earlier but I also haven't really been playing because I was/am going through the 'Gaming Blues'. Like, I want to play games but I look at my collection and just think to myself "meh", which isn't cool. Hopefully I can reignite my interest in the games that I own soon, or grow a money making tree so I can go and get a new game. We'll see eh?


Strider said...

Haha, awesome, Nismo. I never knew you were into blogs. It puzzles me to such an extent. ;P

Nismo said...

Nothing like a good ol' puzzle to solve... ;)

Strider said...

I see. Here's a good puzzle for you then.



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