Thursday, January 10, 2008

A muffled 'Hello' from Raptured Reality

Well this is my very first post on Raptured Reality so let me introduce myself first. I'm 'Civ' and I'll be trying to contribute to this blog but I believe Mr. Bubbles up there will be the main contributor to it. So why am I posting here? Well I'm the "art dude" for the blog so I think I'll be the one making it look all jazzy, and that's already started with the BioShock-themed header I've created for the blog. We'll be swapping the header around depending on what we're interested in that week/month/microsecond.
Like Mr. Bubbles I might pop around and rant about something that's happening around me, or maybe about specific games, music or movies that I've recently seen. Watch this space for some Assassin's Creed pimpin'.
So yeah if you like the header or have questions don't hesitate to ask us. Civ out.

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