Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just A Heads Up

I didn't want to make this small post as I'd much prefer it if things were going to plan, but realistically and unfortunately, they are not.

The computer I use to work on this blog has some problems and while right now things are okay, I can't trust it to be reliable at the moment. It has a booting problem and this week it has been freezing which has been forcing the need for reboots and thus, it not booting. Somehow we've managed to bypass this problem and get it working again but I can't guarantee how long that will last, so that's why I'm telling you guys, my readers, about it.

Basically, if this blog and indeed my online presence in general goes quiet suddenly, it's because of these computer problems. It's my only point of access to the Internet and therefore Raptured Reality, so if I lose that then the blog goes quiet whether I want it to or not.

I think you'll agree that overall -- despite some quieter months earlier in the year -- I've managed to pick up my consistency here, getting posts out as I've wanted and even needed to as I continue to offer my opinions and thoughts about our commonly shared interest: videogames. I've improved so much that I have actually managed to form a schedule, of sorts, for what I write, so I'm sure you can understand my hesitation with this potential unintended downtime and indeed disappointment should it occur.

Hopefully I'm just worrying over nothing and all can resume as normal going forward, especially with E3 around the corner. If things do go on as they should, then all this post is doing is embarrassing me, but even so I'd rather keep you in the loop than to have silence overtake the blog and as a result, for you to perhaps stop reading. My intention is to continue with my schedule as I would do normally so expect posts to keep on coming, but if they don't, you now know why.

And on a short side note, now is as good a time as any to reiterate: thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it immensely and without you people, my motivation to convey my thoughts and feelings would be a lot less than it is now. So again, thanks, it means a lot to me.


Michelle said...

Hope it all works out for you boyo, try not to let it worry you too much, enjoy the break if it happens, try to enjoy the extra time for inspiration otherwise the time away will seem longer than it actually is.

Steven O'Dell said...

Thanks Michelle. You're always there to lift my spirits when things aren't going nicely, and that's even when you're dealing with your own dramas so again, you have my eternal gratitude for being such a wonderful friend.

And if the unintended break does happen? Well, it won't stop the writing, it will just delay the publication of it that's all. Who knows, I might even rely on some foreign and ancient artifacts: pen and paper!

Jorge Albor said...

Have you thought about blogging with an iPad?

I kid of course. Good luck with your computer woes and keep up the good work.

Steven O'Dell said...

Jorge -- Haha, those things literally only just came out in Australia today so it's a bit hard to. ;)

So far things are going alright so right now I'm looking a bit silly but hey, it wouldn't be the first time and besides, better to be safe than sorry. Or something. Thanks to you and Scott for always being up for a chat, and for being great friends. :)