Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Origami Collection: Overview

Quantic Dream's latest game, Heavy Rain, is one that I have been anticipating ever since its announcement. Initially, my anticipation stemmed from a loyalty to the French developer after being so enthralled by their previous game, Fahrenheit, but as more information was revealed my interest shifted towards just what Heavy Rain could mean for the videogame medium.*

Here was a game that, like Fahrenheit before it, was attempting to tell a mature story in a medium that is still fascinated with fantasy worlds and space marines. It was a game that wasn't going to consist of magic powers, wanton destruction or a kill count made up of thousands, and whose focus was firmly in reality as opposed to the supernatural (ala Fahrenheit). In the current gaming climate, regardless of other supposed attempts at maturity, this focus was fresh and it was for this reason that I couldn't wait to play Heavy Rain.

Well, I have now played it and I've come away from the experience absolutely amazed by how Heavy Rain has affected me. Upon finishing it three days ago, I was left with a multitude of thoughts and feelings, and trying to get a handle on those in order to write about the game here has been harder than any other game I've written about so far. To say that Heavy Rain has left its mark on me would be an understatement, and in a series of posts I'm calling The Origami Collection I will describe my feelings towards it, as well as what I believe Heavy Rain means for the videogame medium going forward. It starts with my next post, in which I'll discuss how the game's story -- my story -- affected me and why. I do hope you'll join me.

*Incidentally, I will also be covering Fahrenheit here on the blog in the near future as I recently played it in preparation for Heavy Rain.


RocknRollJoel said...

Really looking forward to hearing your views on the game. I just got it yesterday, and have had my first play of it this morning. Loving it so far, hopefully i'll have more to say on it by the time you put up your next post!

Michelle said...

Trying to keep Heavy Rain spoiler free (especially given how much I am enjoying Fahrenheit at the moment) so I may not be able to read your next series of thoughts. Good luck compiling them though!