Monday, January 11, 2010

Images And Words

[This post was due to be published on the 9th, the two-year anniversary, but unfortunately some computer problems meant that it had to be delayed. On an aside, if you have commented on my posts recently and I haven't responded yet, you now know why -- regardless, I apologise for the delay on both accounts.]

For two years now I have been writing about games here at Raptured Reality, an achievement I'm proud of when you consider how many blogs out there disappear within months of their inception. Sure, the posts over this time-frame have been inconsistent, and yes, it took me a while to find my voice and post anything decent, but even so I'm glad I took the plunge and created my own blog, a place to air my thoughts and voice my opinion on a medium I care deeply and passionately about. It has been an enjoyable journey and I've learned a lot over the two short years, and I look forward to continuing that throughout 2010 and beyond. Of course, I wouldn't be where I am today if certain people didn't help, inspire or engage my thoughts along the way, so I want to take some time to mention them and express my gratitude.

First of all, this blog wouldn't exist without inspiration from other game bloggers and writers who continually write thought-provoking and informative posts and articles. I've always enjoyed conversation about video games -- eight years of forums will attest to that -- but it was these people and their exceptional work who made me realise I wanted more: more analysis, more depth and more consideration about the industry, past, present and future. Their commentary about games gave me insight into a way of thinking, a perspective on games that I just knew I had to be a part of, and for that alone they have my sincere thanks. So thanks go out to;
And all the other well-known names of the blogging community, as well as the writers behind the Hyper and Edge magazines, for showing me the enjoyment I can have talking about and, more importantly, thinking about games. It's appreciated!

I'd also like to thank my good friends Chris Blake, Joseph Rositano and Michelle Baldwin for their help along the way. Long-term readers may recall that Chris was my blogging partner for a while there, offering his own thoughts and opinions on the industry. While circumstances meant that he had to unfortunately stop writing, I thank him for his contributions and for helping me become a better writer. As for Joseph, his help behind the scenes has been incredible and I cannot thank him enough for the support he has shown both me and Raptured Reality over the two years. Lastly, Michelle has always been there to encourage me when I've been lacking confidence and continually shows her support for me and my work. To the three of you, thanks heaps, it's appreciated immensely.

Last but not least, and as cliche as it might sound, I want to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read, comment on and engage with the conversation here on the blog, as well as the friends I've formed through discussion on Twitter. While I suspect I'd write anyway without an audience, the fact I have got one means a lot to me and I cannot emphasise enough how much I appreciate it, so thanks guys and girls, for making writing about games worthwhile and for taking the discourse that surrounds them beyond mere opinion and argument. I can only hope you will continue to visit the blog in the future. Bring on 2010 and beyond!

If you have any thoughts or opinions about the blog, or anything you'd like to see, now is the time to mention it, but bear in mind that only constructive feedback will be considered. Thank you.


Joseph Rositano said...

You have certainly come a long way in the past year. While I may not always say this, I enjoy reading every one of your posts.

I see someone who continues to improve their writing ability and always welcomes feedback. The topics you have written about have also sparked my interest on more than one occasion. I think my favourite one is the “chew your food” post from a fair while ago. I realise you didn’t create the phrase, but it’s something you brought to my attention and that I continue to remind you of. After all, how often do we complain about our backlog of games? But seriously, it did remind me I should always take the time to enjoy my games, and not simply rush through them so I can play the next big thing.

More recently you’ve even let me contribute to Raptured Reality via the Assassin’s Creed posts. Its arguably my favourite series of this generation, so it has been a pleasure to work with you in that regard (though we still have a few posts in the pipeline for those who are curious…).

Keep up the great work Steven, you’re a brilliant writer and I honestly can’t think of a single dull post you’ve made. May you prosper in 2010 and beyond!

Michelle said...

Two years of writing already! My my, that is impressive, as I know how much time you put into preparing and researching all of your posts.

The fact that you seem to always produce such remarkable stuff is a testament to you. I'm so glad we got back in touch, it's been a pleasure rediscovering your work over the last six months. I hope to learn more!

Daniel Primed said...

Well done Steven, you've done a great job with Raptured Reality, we can all see the improvements that you've made. Keep thinking and writing, the more you do it, the more natural it becomes.

ThrawnOmega said...

COngrats on two years! That's quite the achievement. I've seen in the past that you have done cross-blog dialogues, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing something like that with my blog. I'm open to a cross-blog dialogue, or perhaps we each write a guest post for the other's blog. I'm open to any topic. I think it could be a lot of fun. If you're interested, email at and we can brainstorm what we might want to do.

Keep up the good work!

P.S. If "Images and Words" was intended as a Dream Theater reference, you get +500 awesome points LOL =P

Scott Juster said...

Congrats! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for being one of the earliest Experience Points readers. I've always thought of your site as one of our metaphorical "neighbors."

Here's to an even brighter future!

Jorge Albor said...

Big ol' /hug!

In all seriousness, keep up the excellent work. Also, you should know you have been my go-to-person for racing game analysis. Awesome stuff, all around.

Ben Abraham said...

Congratulations! Here's to a bunch more.

Steven O'Dell said...

I said it enough in the post but thanks again guys, it means a lot to me.

That's enough self-indulging for now, though. Time to get on with some proper posts again...