Monday, September 14, 2009

Looking Forward

I've been in a very contemplative mood lately, considering a variety of things and deciding how I feel about them, what needs changing, what should stay the same, and so on. Naturally, games are included and in particular, how I should approach the forthcoming rush of titles that will see out the rest of the year, not to mention the incredibly packed 2010.

The first aspect of this is the potential purchases I could make in the next few months and where I stand with them now, as opposed to a month or so ago. For a while I had been of the mindset that I would be buying roughly 5-6 games at the end of the year. This was a list I was happy with, after already considering it and making an effort to prioritise titles after overwhelming myself with releases late last year, something I've harped on about enough here. For the record, the games were: Forza Motorsport 3, Assassin's Creed 2, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Brutal Legend. There are, of course, more games than that being released that I'm interested in and eager to play, but my line of thinking was that those chosen would be suffice and that I could catch up with the rest at a later date, much like I've been doing this year. But, in my recent re-evaluating of what's important, I realised that even that bunch of games would overwhelm me. Maybe not as much as last year, but it would still be enough and it's just not a feeling I'm keen to revisit any time soon. So with this in mind I lowered the list to just three titles: the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Forza Motorsport 3 and Assassin's Creed 2.

Sticking to just three titles will allow me to focus on each one a little more instead of trying to balance a whole host of titles at once. You will notice, however, that one title is a re-release of games that are not new; the Metroid Prime Trilogy is a bundle of all three games in the Metroid Prime series, with only minor changes and the inclusion of Wii controls. Why then, is this in the list when it's a package of old games and could wait in favour of a brand new title? Well the answer is simple, I'm a Metroid fanboy, but it goes beyond that too as I have not played the third in the series, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This is simply because I did not own a Wii until recently, and when I made the purchase I decided to delay buying Corruption until the Trilogy was released.

As much as I'm looking forward to finally playing Corruption, the Trilogy also allows me to revisit the original two games, which brings me to the other aspect of my re-evaluation. Despite having already played through both Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes countless times before, I'm really excited to do so again. Why? Because I plan on discovering why I love them so much and then writing about it here, analyzing what makes them tick and why I resonate with that kind of experience. It will be the first time I've made an effort to really get to the core of the (my) experience and I look forward to taking on such a challenge. Metroid is not the only game that is giving me the chance to do this, however; an Xbox Live Arcade port of the original Perfect Dark is coming out soon and before Metroid Prime came along, that was my favourite game ever, so I am, of course, looking forward to playing through it again. Last but not least, the recent announcement of a new Okami game for the DS (which I might add is looking wonderful) has reinvigorated my love for the original on PS2, so I'd like to revisit it via the Wii version and again rediscover why it resonates with me so much.

Basically, my contemplative mood has seen my priorities change and as a result, this year's impending releases aren't as enticing anymore. Sure, I want to get the games as much as the next person, but I've realised that I can wait for them too. I've got plenty to play right now anyway so really, there's no rush. Going through this process has certainly been interesting and ultimately, I think anyway, rewarding. I've considered what is important in my life and now the moves are in motion to ensure that I can continue to enjoy it, instead of getting caught up in the rush and grind that can come with following the crowd. So while everyone else enjoys the awesome games that are about to hit, I'll be sitting on the sidelines playing some older titles like Super Mario Galaxy. I look forward to playing them and I also look forward to hearing about your experiences with the new games, so don't let me down. ;)


RASS said...

It's really sad I can't get the Metroid Prime trilogy, perhaps the price drop of the Wii would change this situation for me =), I'm looking forward to thoes writings of the Metroid trilogy, they where on my favorites games.

Steven O'Dell said...

Hey Rass, thanks for stopping by man. I just wanted to say thanks for continuing to read my blog. I've noticed you have been a frequent visitor and yeah, I appreciate it. I would read your own blog but I don't have any knowledge of your language, so I can't unfortunately. That said, I do notice you have another blog in English... I'll be sure to add it to my RSS feeds then.

And yeah man, while I haven't played Metroid Prime 3: Corruption yet, I really can't wait to get my hands on the Trilogy. Less than a week to go! :D