Monday, April 21, 2008

Preorder blues

So GTA fever is gripping the world, people are desperately watching and rewatching the trailers, browsing and rebrowsing the screenshots, even playing and replaying the older games in the series in an attempt to bridge the gap before April 29th. For some, however, it is more difficult than for others; I'm talking about preorder blues.

If you're not familiar with this feeling, let me fill you in. It's almost a chronic gaming disease, onset by the preordering of a game, or ordering of a game with a long delivery time. It causes people to reject their entire games library in an odd desperation for the one title they're so eagerly waiting for, hence ruining any chances of keeping entertained until the promised date. Some people suffer mild variations, whereby they'll suddenly feel less motivated towards particular titles or consoles; others, like myself, get it full blast, where day-to-day often no games are played at all due to a sudden immeasurable lack of aforementioned motivation for any and all games. My personal strain of the disease however often allows me to play other games in the series, and sometimes also casual games. Therefore, my experience of the GTA IV preorder blues hasn't been so bad; so far I've enjoyed several hours of GTA/London/2/3/VC/SA, as well as Wii Sports, PAIN and Ikaruga. Another strain seems to be one of concentrated, rather than lost, dedication; a friend of mine is currently spending all of his gaming time playing Call of Duty 4 and nothing else, having found a sudden increase in endless desire to play online and shoot up the prestige levels in the lost period of time before 29/04.

Lucky for me, I have this place to spend some time on too. Expect a surge in posting after my coursework is done - up until the 29th of course; I'll be taking at least a few days' leave from then...

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